Bouquet of Roses and Eucalyptus Leaves

product care

Our desserts are lovingly handmade and are therefore delicate by nature. In order to ensure that you enjoy your purchase in perfect condition, we have prepared the following information on how to carefully transport, store and serve your June and Ginger creation.

Handling & Transportation

  • All boxes should be supported from underneath when carried with two hands and held in an upright position at all times.
  • Do not place anything on top of your box.
  • If you are transporting by car, please place your cake box(es) directly on the floor of the car. Do not place on the seat or a passenger lap.
  • Your items are refrigerated unless otherwise discussed to add to stability during transportation. There are also dowels in your cake.


  • Please transfer your cakes/cupcakes/cake pops into the fridge as soon as possible to maintain freshness, and keep them away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Serve & Enjoy

  • All items taste at their best if eaten at room temperature on the day of delivery.
  • For maximum flavor and a soft, moist texture we recommend removing cakes from the fridge at least 1 to 2 hours before consumption, and cake pops and cupcakes 20 to 30 minutes in advance. Time to room temperature is subject to your environment, so more time may be needed to achieve desired texture.

Cutting Your Cake/Serving

  • Your order may include non-edible decorations or components, such as figurines, cake dowels or cocktail sticks. Please ensure that these are removed before cutting your cake, or serving your items.
  • Refer to this cake cutting guide on our website if you need help with how to cut your cake to get the expected number of slices.
  • Layer cakes are best sliced with a large plain edged kitchen knife.
  • Cold buttercream or ganache can stick to a knife and make the cake crumble when slicing. To ensure neat, smooth slices, simply have a jug with hot water and a kitchen cloth at hand to dip and wipe the knife blade regularly between slices.

Please ensure that you read the information carefully as we at June and Ginger cannot be held liable for damaged items caused by incorrect handling and transportation once the purchase has been handed over to the customer.